Ryu wins.

Before Ken could react, Ryu was on top of him in an instant. His arms were trapped with the rest of his body between Ryu's legs. It was over.

"You lose." Ryu chuckled, sweaty and out of breath. Smug bastard...

"Alright alright, jeez." Ken was too exhausted from the casual brawl they just had to contest it. " can get off me now."

"Hm..." Ryu brought a finger to his bearded chin, and feigned a thoughtful look. "No, I think I like you right here." Ryu shimmied his hips for emphasis, his butt and groin pressing down on Ken's chest.

Ken felt some air push out of his already breathless lungs. "Ryu, you don't gotta rub it in!" He started to kick his legs like a child, trying to squirm his way out from under Ryu's muscular weight. But between their match, his trapped arms, and being a little out of shape, Ken couldn't move a single inch.

Ryu looked down at him stuck between his legs, arms crossed and looking satisfied with the torment he was causing. His smirk grew a little.

When did he stop being so serious all the time?! Pompous asshole... Ken thought. He huffed and turned his head to the side, his stubbled cheek pressed against the ground. "Sheesh, Ryu. Thought you were supposed to all humble or whatever."

"I am." Ryu replied, before lowing his lips down next to captive's ear. "I just like to put you in your place is all."

Ken choked, the warm voice rumbling through his whole body and shooting a hot spark down his spine. His face turned bright red as he looked back at Ryu with wide eyes and an open mouth, too shocked (and turned on) to say anything.

Taking the opportunity, Ryu adjusted himself forward so his crotch was pressed against his friend's face, his clothed bulge grinding into Ken's conveniently open mouth. Although this meant Ken's arms were now mostly free, Ryu knew he wouldn't try to stop this. Their sparring usually resulted in sex.

Proving him right, Ken grabbed at Ryu's ass instead of trying to free himself, massaging his cheeks through his pants and eagerly pushing Ryu forward so more of his bulge rubbed against his open mouth and tongue. He did his best to close his lips around the shape of Ryu's covered dick, sucking a wet spot into the fabric. A hint of saltiness hit his tastebuds, and Ken couldn't wait anymore.

"Ryu, please--" Ken removed his mouth. Fingers clawed at the waistband of his pants. "I need to taste it, c'mon."

Ryu didn't leave him waiting, as he was eager himself. He couldn't help it; Ken's passion was always infectious, even when it came to intimacy.

His dick had hardly touched air before Ken's mouth was on him, sucking at the base with his nose in his pubes, tasting the sweat there. His tongue lapped at one of his balls, and Ryu moaned deeply. A gloved hand gripped at Ken's shaggy hair, and he looked up with his big brown eyes that Ryu loved so much.

"Love how you taste babe," Ken mumbled against the side of his cock. Keeping eye contact, he licked a swipe up to the head, and Ryu gripped Ken's hair harder as it was engulfed by his hot mouth. He sucked, and bobbed up and down, but just as Ryu started getting into it, Ken pulled off. "Mnh, I got something in mind. Scootch up."

Ryu obliged, Ken disappearing further between his legs, and he promptly gasped aloud when he felt a long lick from his asshole to behind his balls. Though muffled, he heard Ken laugh a little--must've heard Ryu's startled gasp.

"Mmph, so fucking good." Ken was lapping inbetween his cheeks, playing with his puckered hole and perineum with his tongue. " like this Ryu?"

"Y-Yes." Ryu's face was beet red and scrunched up, failing to keep himself together despite the overwhelming, new pleasure he was experiencing. Having Ken sloppily eat out his ass was a bit embarrassing and felt more intimate than usual, and the feeling of Ken's thumbs lovingly rubbing circles into his hips made it even harder.

Remembering the teasing from earlier, Ryu ground his hips down, hearing Ken groan and inhale deeply, smelling his musk. Even more muffled now, there was a barely heard, "fuck, Ryu!!"

Ken thrusted into the air. He was rock hard from this, no touch required, but never had a moment to remove his pants and underwear. Ryu, feeling pity, twisted around and opened Ken's sweatpants just enough to get his cock out. The movement separated Ken's mouth and Ryu's now-soaked crotch, and Ken took a gasp of air.

"Ah!" He panted, "Thanks, but don't worry about jerking me off... I think I could cum just from this...!"

Ryu couldn't lie, "I think I can too."

"Then get back up here, baby!"

Ryu groaned when Ken's face was buried between his cheeks once again. Both his hands gripping his partner's hair, Ryu pushed his hips down again, smothering Ken with his dripping heat. Ken moaned against his skin, probing his asshole with his tongue, and with one last thrust, Ryu shouted Ken's name and came.

Ken followed suit, fingers desperately digging into Ryu's thighs as his hips lifted off the ground and he shot multiple strings of semen, most of them landing on the black undershirt covering his belly.

When they no longer had anything left, Ryu lifted his hips away from Ken's face and nearly collapsed on his side, barely able to hold himself upright. Ken meanwhile didn't move from where he lay, and they both panted together, basking in the afterglow.

Once they caught their breath, Ryu leaned over and brushed the bangs of of Ken's hair so he could see his eyes. They made eye contact, but neither said anything as they shared a smile and pressed their foreheads together.

author notes

bit of a shorter one. sorry for any spelling/grammar errors or bland writing or whatever else, i started going a bit cross-eyed by the end and just wanted to see it done :P

for context this fic is based on a funny oversight in SF6, where if you are positioned correctly and win mid-round (? iirc) with Ryu, when he sits to meditate it looks like he's sitting on the opponents face. god i wish that were me