Ken, suffering from low self-esteem after what happened in Nayshall, works up the courage to ask Ryu to indulge in something he's wanted for some time.

author notes

i couldnt find a way to naturally bring it up in the work itself, but ryu and ken are married in this. just some context as to why ken feels so comfortable asking ryu for sex. :)

there's a little cameo at the end, whose details i omitted from the tags on purpose so they're a fun little surprise. enjoy!

Ken gripped his jacket as he idled in place, feeling what he bought earlier through the fabric. he kicked rocks around the empty construction site, getting antsier the minute.

Ryu managed to contact him earlier to let him know he would be in town, and he (surprisingly) agreed to Ken's request to meet him here. But knowing what he was about to ask for made his palms sweat. Ken was deeply embarrassed to have even considered it, let alone gone and bought... equipment for it.

At least he kept the receipt.

Ever since all that's happened, Ken's self esteem has gone through the floor. He wanted to at least try asking. He trusts Ryu.

And he needs this.

Ryu barely got in a greeting upon his arrival before Ken stretches out his arms, offering a newly bought leather collar and leash from his palms.

"I... want you to treat me like a dog." Oh god. Ken's face was red hot. He's never been this embarrassed in his life. This is worse than-

"Like a... dog?" Ryu sounded clearly confused. Ken began eternally panicking. Maybe I should just play it off like a joke, yeah, and- "What do you mean?"

That isn't a no.

"Uh..." Ken swallowed, sweating bullets, trying to keep it together. "L-like, I want you to put this collar on me. And um. Punish me because you think I've been a bad boy." I WANT TO CRAWL INTO A HOLE AND DIE.

"Punish you?" The cogs were turning in Ryu's head, and Ken was getting colder and colder feet. "...Ken, is this a sex thing?"

RYU WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SAY THINGS SO BLUNTLY. "Y-Yes." I'm going to pass out. This is taking years off my life.

"And this is something you want?"

Ken nodded, having lost the nerve to speak.

"...very well." hUH?

Before Ken could even complete his thought or react, Ryu had taken the objects from his hands. He felt Ryu's fingers brush against his chin as the collar slid around his neck, and with a metallic click, it locked in place.

Where it belonged.

The warm fingers he briefly felt earlier moved up, pulling him in for a kiss, the first one since they've seen each other today. As their lips separated, Ryu gently scratched his stubbled chin and under his ears. "I will indulge you."


As he scratched his partner's chin, Ryu silently observed that on the collar alongside an open ring for the leash attachment, Ken had preemptively added a custom dog tag as well, with one side labelled "KEN" (naturally), but the other side bearing different text.

Ryu dragged one of his hands down to the tag, twirling it so it was easier to read. "Interesting. 'RYU'S', huh?"

"Babe-" Ken gasped out. His head was spinning. Without thinking, he dropped to his knees, his legs feeling like jelly and shaking with anticipation.

"Hm. Loyal and eager to please. A perfect candidate for training." Ryu ran his fingers up through Ken's unkempt golden hair and gave his scalp a light scratch. Ken, touchstarved for the past year, practically purred, leaning into his touch, asking without words for more affection. please train me and pet me and give me scritches please i know ive been bad but i can be good i need to be good

"How shall we start? Let's see..." Ryu briefly scanned the lot, his eyes landing on a large metal column that was stuck in the ground not too far from where they were standing. He pointed and his husband-turned-pet followed his finger, "go over there."

Ken eagerly scrambled on all fours to where Ryu requested, the collar's metal ring jingling as he moved. The world warrior chuckling to himself in amusement once he saw how already committed Ken was to their roleplay. He must've been fantasizing about this for some time, Ryu thought. I can practically see him with a wagging tail.

Ken watched attentively as Ryu saunted over, the untethered leash in one hand. To his delight, Ryu kneeled down and kissed him again, smoothly hooking the leash into the collar's metal ring at the same time.

"Stand up and turn around for me." Ken complied without hesitation, leaning against the metal column. "Good. Now, pull your pants down."

Ken turned a little redder at the request, not used to his normally polite rival sounding so vulgar, but he obliged once more. be good, he reminded himself.

He jumped in surprise when he felt Ryu saddle up behind him, pressing a clothed bulge against his now bare ass. Ken playfully giggled a little after feeling Ryu's cock twitch through his pants, giddy with excitement at what was about to happen.

Just as he felt Ryu lean forward and place a kiss against the side of his neck, a loud car horn honked from somewhere nearby, echoing throughout the lot and abruptly shattering Ken's fantasy and reminding him of where he actually was. He was in an open construction site. His workplace. They were in full view of a public sidewalk. Anyone could walk by or in at any time, and see him leashed up with his pants around his knees like a cheap whore.

wait i forgot we're in fucking public. He distantly heard what sounded like his name being called, but it was muffled as his mind filled with anxious static. i should've asked ryu to meet me somewhere else what if a stranger sees me naked and calls the cops i'm already a pathetic global laughing stock fugitive i don't-

"With me." Ryu's stormy and commanding voice in his ear shot a chill down Ken's spine, causing a full-body shiver that killed his sudden anxious spiraling. The leash was pulled and the collar dug into his neck. "Pay attention."

Ken groaned through his teeth, his back arching and half-lidded eyes meeting Ryu's. "I'm sorry. I-I'll be good." He started returning to subspace now, his voice uncharacteristically submissive (and somewhat warbled from the collar's pressure on his throat). make me a good boy ive been bad

"Don't worry about anyone else." Ryu's mouth huffed hot air around his earlobe. "Focus on me. Can you do that?"

"Yes!" Ken cried, trying his best to arch his back further and grind his ass against Ryu's groin, desperate for contact. "I've been bad Ryu. I'll be good I'm sorry." His hands grasped at the steel support in front of him.

"You're not bad, Ken." His hand comfortingly rubbed up and down Ken's spine. "I don't know why you keep insisting it, but you're not."

Ken felt himself tear up a little, blindsided by the unexpected praise.

Ryu's free hand pulled one of Ken's buttcheeks the side, exposing his anus to the air. His other hand loosened its grip on the leash just enough to more easily pull open his pants. Ken melted as Ryu nuzzled into his hair and spoke, "you have been listening to me very well this session. In fact, I think it's time for you to be rewarded for your effort."

Within seconds, Ken felt the weight of Ryu's massive dick rest against the crack of his spread open asscheeks. Of course, they've had sex before and Ken knew what to expect, but he doesn't think he'll ever truly get used to the feeling of Ryu's size.

Ken almost always fingers himself in advance when he plans on bottoming for Ryu (including this time), but lube is still a must. He barely managed to string together: "in- in my left pocket."

Ryu silently reached down to dig through the pockets on the pants pooled halfway down Ken's legs. Finding what he was looking for, Ken heard the pop of a cap before Ryu quickly spread slick across his cock. "You're always prepared. Very good boy." Ken felt his brain fill with love and dopamine at the compliment. good! ryu says i'm good!

"Prepare yourself." Ken gripped the support beam and tried to spread his legs as much as his pants would let him as Ryu positioned and pressed the tip up against his hole.

Ryu's cock slowly pushed in, making its way to the base, and Ken loudly groaned as his body began to adjust to the insertion despite all his usual preparation. Still semi-aware of their surroundings and self-conscious of the noises he was making, he tried to muffle his voice.

"I didn't say you could cover your mouth." Ryu squeezed his hips hard (as if that voice wasn't enough to get his attention!), and Ken obediently removed his hand.

After a moment, Ryu took a breath and reeled back, almost completely pulling out, before slamming his full length back in, knocking the wind out of Ken's lungs.

"Fuck-" Ken whimpered out a few seconds later, taking in Ryu's unrelenting girth as a steady stream of precum oozed from his own dick onto the dirt below. "Fuck, fuck fuck fuck-"

Annoyed, Ryu growled out, "is that all you can say now?" He snapped his hips again and pulled on the leash once more, Ken howling as Ryu's full length filled his rectum.

"Thank you, thank y-" Ken began, but a sudden increase in aggressive, consistent thrusts made it near impossible for him to speak or think clearly. He could feel his face wet with tears and drool. "Oh god, Ryu! Don't stop, don't-"

One of his legs was lifted up out of its pantleg, halfway into the air, as Ryu relentlessly pounding his ass. Ken let out a choked gasp as jingling from the metal ring on the collar and loud slaps from skin hitting skin filled the contained walls of the (hopefully deserted) construction site.

"You're so good to me." Ken panted, each word enunciated by a thrust from Ryu. "I love you so much. Don't stop, Christ."

Ken gasps in alarm as Ryu abruptly pulls out briefly to lift and manuever Ken's body so his back is facing the ground. There is a moment of concern as his only support is Ryu's hands on his hips, his legs around Ryu's waist, and his hands awkwardly grabbing the metal beam, but his mind goes blank as Ryu's cock is shoved back in and continues its merciless thrusting against his prostate.

Ken arches his back as his eyes roll back in his head. He lasts maybe two more thrusts before he screams, splattering thick globs of semen across his shirt. His asshole tightens its grip around Ryu's pistoning dick, and he's not even finished his own orgasm when he hears a primal growl from Ryu and feels his throbbing cock shoot steaming hot jizz deep into his guts.

They pant, sweaty and dazed. Ken's body twitches from the overwhelming amount of pleasure he just experienced. Ryu gently pulls out, releasing a torrent of semen alongside his flaccid dick. After somehow managing to stay upright for a few moments, they collapse to the ground together from sheer exhaustion.

It briefly occurs to Ken that he didn't touch his dick once.

He finds his voice first. "Holy shit."

Ryu laughs, out of breath. "I hope that's what you were expecting. I don't know what came over me." He absently lifts his hand, revealing that despite the strength of their orgasms, he was still gripping the end of the leash. "And I am not familiar with this... interest of yours."

"Are you kidding? Ryu, that was one of the hottest things we've ever done." Ken's eyes light up, filling with determined fire. "Fuck, we gotta do that again."

Ryu smiles, glad to see a bit of the old Ken back, if only for a moment.

"I think they're finally done. Man, they really went at it." Terry mutters, looking down to the ground below. His vantage point on the second story of one of the incomplete buildings in the construction site gave him a clear view of what was Ryu and Ken's public tryst. "I heard about what happened to Ken and wanted to surprise him, but..."

"You saw Ryu showed up and knew it was gonna lead to something intimate, right?" Another voice finished, echoing through the empty, incomplete floor of the structure they were hanging out in.

Terry's head snapped in the speaker's direction, said noisy individual casually leaning against a concrete support pillar with his arms crossed. "Snake! Keep your voice down. We're not that high up."

Snake sticks out his tongue. "Well excuse me, Mr. Bogard. I doubt they can hear us, and even if they did it's unlikely they'd care."

Terry turns away from the edge and walks over to where Snake is, his hands in his pockets. "Maybe usually, but Ken's been through a lot lately and I don't wanna needlessly stress him out."

"I hear ya, baby. Not tryin t' argue. I'm just saying," Before Terry can react, Snake quickly uncrosses his arms, wraps them around Terry's waist, and pulls them close together. "It's not like they haven't seen us all naked and nasty before."

Terry feels Snake's gloved hands knead his ass through his jeans. "Dammit. Snake-" Beard hairs tickle his neck as it's kissed there. "Snake!"

"What." Snake removes his mouth from Terry's clavicle.

"We're in public too."

Terry's dick is grabbed through his jeans and Snake chuckles as he gasps. "...And?"

author notes

surprise! had to sneak terry in there somehow. (and snake is my self-insert for self-shipping with terry, to those unaware).

thanks for reading! :^)